As a business owner you have a very unique set of skills, concerns and issues.

As a Christian, you understand that Jesus Christ is your very life,
and He wants to be expressed through you – not only at home,
but also in your business.

Where do you turn for help?

Business forums provide practical training for business owners.

Churches and Men’s Groups provide an opportunity for men
to know and trust God personally.

Iron Forums is uniquely qualified to do both.

At Iron Forums, business owners are sharpened by peers speaking God’s Truth into their families and businesses.

Iron Forums is a monthly forum where members learn Biblical Principles for running their business.

…and then spend time in “breakout groups” of peers, working out ways
to apply God’s Truth to daily life. At every meeting, there is
an element of de-isolation, a foundation of trust and confidentiality,
and the presence of the Holy Spirit!