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Iron Forums is a
Resource for Growing Churches

Chances are you found us because somebody knows that you understand that business owners have influence over employees, partners, vendors and clients — and that if they are given an environment where they can learn how to influence these relationships for the good of the Kingdom, everyone wins.

Many churches are finding value through partnering with local businesses to spread the Good News of Jesus throughout their community. This makes Iron Forums — a forum specifically designed for Christian business owners — a good place to disciple and build up your members who own businesses. Our goal is not to replace church worship, but to provide a place where business owners can share stories and wisdom with their peers about imparting God’s principles in business and home. This is what leads to continuous improvement in leadership skills and a deeper love for Christ and building HIS Kingdom.

You could probably already identify a few men in your congregation who are striving to do more of what God has called them to do through their business. We would relish the opportunity to partner with you and introduce them to Iron Forums, in an effort to help them become stronger followers of Jesus, therefore becoming better church members, better business leaders, better husbands and fathers — stronger followers of Jesus. That’s what we are all about.

If you would like to “come and see” what Iron Forums is all about, we invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings. It starts with a phone call to Gary Smith, the Atlanta Facilitator for Iron Forums, at 404-558-0089.

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