Men’s Group Leaders

A Resource for Men’s Groups

Do you have guys in your men’s group who own their own companies, manage employees, or are key decision makers in a business? Are they aware that God has given us hundreds of principles in the Bible for running a business in a way that will honor Him, and grow His Kingdom? Do these men strive to know God better, and become better leaders, husbands and fathers?

Iron Forums was created as a resource for business owners and leaders. Our members are sharpened by peers speaking God’s Truth into their lives to improve their families and businesses. Members learn Biblical principles for running their business and using it to express their relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you would like to “come and see” what Iron Forums is all about, we invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings. It starts with a phone call to Gary Smith, the Atlanta Facilitator for Iron Forums, at 404-558-0089.

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